Friday, 17 April 2015

"It means nothing to meeeeeee!!"

Except of course, it does really!  As you probs know, the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 takes place in the Austrian capital of Vienna!  

I’ve never been to Vienna, although I can’t really say that “it means nothing to meeee”, and I think Midge might have been telling porkies too.  We all know that Vienna is famous for its waltz and for its big balls (steady!) after all, but there is so much about Vienna that I didn’t know, and look forward to bringing to life for you in May!  

For example:

  • Vienna is the only capital city to produce its own wine (so the internet says, at least)!  I hope they’ve had a bumper crop to cope with the influx of “press” and fans in May...
  • You remember PEZ sweets?  Those ones that pop out of a dispenser? Yup, they’re a Viennese invention!  Are they still a thing?  And snow globes were invented there too!  Oh Vienna, how *much* we owe you! 
  • Vienna is known as both “the city of dreams” and “the city of music”.  I dream about Eurovision all the time!! IT WAS MEANT TO BE J

So, wine, sweets and musical dreams – the 60th contest was always going to come to Vienna, wasn’t it? J

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