Tuesday, 19 May 2015

EB meets... Elnur from Azerbaijan - "There is a wolf in everyone and we need to accept it..."

Good morning from another sunny day in Vienna!  Your EB team arrived yesterday and one of the first things we did was bump into Elnur Huseynov, this year's performer from Azerbaijan!  Elnur is singing "Hour of the Wolf", which is described as a mythical and contemporary ballad.  Here it is:

With songwriters from Sweden and Germany and backing vocalists from Sweden, Netherlands and the US, Elnur is heading up a truly international team!!  

Elnur Huseynov

We were very lucky to speak to Elnur, and pounced on him like a wolf to ask him some questions:

1)  Elnur, it's great to meet you, and thank you for talking to us!  How has the Vienna experience been for you so far?
Love it here! Great organization, great people. Everything very cozy and very up-to-date, I haven't seen much of the city so far but I will try to get to know Vienna.

2)  You were part of the first ever Azeri act to perform at Eurovision in 2008.  How does competing in Vienna 2015 compare with the experience of Belgrade 2008?
It's very different now. In 2008 we were very young, it was so exciting, new and maybe a little bit scary. Today it's the same Elnur but with some experience, some career changes, a lot of music experiments. And now I'm flying solo and I will try to re-discover myself to the European audience, to share my heart and soul with each and every one of the viewers.

3)  Your song, "Hour of the Wolf", is described as a "contemporary mystical ballad".  Can you talk to us about the song, it's meaning, and how it links to the title?
It’s a story about someone who is in constant search for answers, search for truth, and search for love. In a way our world is cruel and brutal but there is always place for love and justice. There is a wolf in everyone and we need to accept it, we need to understand anyone who's different. So, I believe, one need rise above abuses, conflicts, and search for better future. Remember that every heart deserves a fight.

4) "Hour of the Wolf" is getting lots of praise from fans, but what other songs from this years' contest do you like?
I think it's not my place to pick, it's viewers' choice and they need to do it by themselves. I only want to wish good luck to everyone here, any song can win, and that’s for sure.

5)  Everyone remembers your performance in 2008 as you were wearing a stylish pair of angel wings.  Are there any distinctive and unique aspects of your performance this year that you can tell us about?
We were trying to bring the main message in the song to the stage. Male and female dancers are telling the story of ‘Hour of the Wolf’ but you can forget about love story here, it's another one very close to us. It shows how somebody can be excluded from world just for being different – Julia (female dancer) plays the part of an outsider, while Lukas (male dancer) is struggling against her, until I'm trying to unite them with ‘no more fighting, let’s be all together’. By the way, Lucas even coloured his hair to bring the wolf vibe to the stage.

6)  A section to help us to get to know you better!:

Your perfect Saturday night - Night in, or night out?: Night out with my friends
What do you do to relax?: Listening to the music and spending time with my pets
Who are your musical heroes?: Tough one! In Eurovision – ABBA and Patricia Kaas
Favourite Eurovision Song Ever?: Waterloo by ABBA
Favourite Movie?: Harry Potter, American Daddy, Lord of the Rings
Hold Me or Start a Fire?: Both are great!

7) Finally, you've competed in two Eurovision Song Contests, and also won the Voice in Turkey - it seems you love contests!  What next for Elnur after Vienna 2015?:

I think I will spend more time working on my music. I'm about to record new album and I need all the time to do it. But than will see. 

Well good luck with the album, Elnur, we certainly look forward to hearing it, and we wish you the very best of luck in this year's Eurovision Song Contest!

Saturday, 16 May 2015


It's the last song to be reviewed, and it's time for Spain!  This year the Spanish broadcaster has internally selected Edurne, who is a big star there, to sing "Amanecer".

It's a punchy number and reminds me a bit in style of "Gravity", Ukraine's entry for ESC 2013 which I am sure you all remember!  It's vocally challenging though, and will require Edurne to nail it on the night.  Have a look and a listen here:

Let's see what the panel think to this one:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "If only they hadn‘t made that stupid video! I like the song and she is good, let‘s hope she and the staging deliver on the big night!!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "Ah, my fav ESC country. This is really good and she has a good voice. 8/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "This is probably the one that grew on me most and now I really love it. It has a great atmosphere and build up. I hope they will nail it live!"

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "We quite like this. It's got a catchy hook which works well, driving drum rhythm and solid vocals. Could have gone further in the chorus, maybe. 6/10."

So that's the views of the panel, but what do YOU think? Let us know :)


Finland aren't afraid to send something edgy to Eurovision and this year, they've gone Punk!  Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät were formed in 2009 and have a successful career in Finland with a big fan base - it was no surprise that they won the Finnish National Final.

The song is "Aina Mun Pitaa" and as mentioned is fairly Punky, with that "shouty" kind of singing that personally I find challenging... BUT - it does wake you up from the ballad-fest that this year's contest has become, and is mercifully short at 1 min 30 seconds in length!  Have a look and a listen here:

Here's what our panel have to say:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "Can‘t stand this song either!!! Have never liked punk!!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "It's not as bad as most people seems to think. 3/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "I love this song, it's so raw and honest with great lyrics. It always makes me happy and turn up the volume when this song comes along!"

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "A really admirable piece for many reasons; the people of Finland have chosen a song which represents equality and acceptance. Musically, as an example of the Punk genre it ticks all the boxes: restricted number of chords, a DIY ethos to the performance and production, simplistic song structure and straightforward arrangement. At 1m 40s it’s the shortest entry so far, but then 70s Punk songs were often short. As a Eurovision Song, it also meets requirements: there are few places other than in the ESC where this particular group of performers would be given a voice on a major stage. The ESC has become a platform for everyone. This is all to be applauded. Putting all the background aside (if you can do that at the ESC), whether a Punk song will win the popular vote is questionable. Whether the group will get votes is a completely different question. Well done, Finland. Well done. 5/10"

So there you have the views from the EB panel - but what do you think? Leave us a comment and let us know! :D


Here we go then...  Yes, the time is upon us to consider the offering that the UK is making to ESC 2015.  The BBC issued a very public clarion call to performers and songwriters last autumn asking for submissions to be considered internally.  Back then, in my brain, that meant that all those artists that said in the past they would do ESC if the Beeb ever asked them (Morrisey, Scissor Sisters, Olly Murs) would send the BBC killer tunes.

Probs not as it turned out, as we have "Still in Love with You" by Electro Velvet.  It's a poppy-charlestony kinda number that instantly divided fan opinion when it was revealed to the world, and appears to be a total marmite song - you either love it or hate it.

Given those options, I *love* it!  It's not going to win an Ivor Novello clearly, but it is fun, catchy, and a welcome breath of fresh air in a sea of ballads and misery!  Electro Velvet, I salute you - have a look and listen here:

So, brace yourself, let's see how the panel view the song: 

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "Sorry, can‘t stand the song. They sound like good singers but, there‘s no chemistry, no charm, no-nothing going on between them on stage. (I saw the Graham Norton show) and in fact.... I‘ve said this before; „the person who thought this would be a good song for the UK at eurovision, - should be sacked“!!!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "the first time I heard this I honestly thought WTF?? It has grown on my slightly since then but I can't say I like it. The UK should be able to come up with something much better than this. 5/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "UK personally I'm not really fonds of this. She has a nice laid back way of singing and a nice voice but the guy really has no swing whatsoever imo... Also they need to work on their presentation, sometimes it looks a bit fake."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "As a concept it’s really dated, but not in a good way. It’s in danger of being a farcical Eurovision track, and if anybody else calls this Electro-Swing I think I might scream! Electro-Swing is an exciting, interesting genre. This is a Charleston (and a weak one) with a synth and a drum machine - not the same thing at all. Too simplistic, poor, poor scat, mediocre singing. (Video wasn’t too bad though, although clearly the backing singers also agree that this is a parody of itself). This is less Louis Prima from 1967 and more Scooch from 2007. 0/10."

Well who hired you lot, anyway? ;) So there's the view of the panel - but what do YOU think? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!


Gawd love Malta, they *really* want to win Eurovision someday, and they've come close on a few occasions.  They have a national final that lasts for *hours* (some of it isn't even adverts!), but I fear that 2015 is not their year...

This year, Amber sings "Warrior" for Malta, the second song with that title.  Georgia are fuming.  Although to me this is not as good as Georgia's effort, but have a look and a listen here:

I wonder what the EB panel have to say about this one...?:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "I didn‘t hear a melody until the chorus but, sorry..... I don‘t like this song. This is the better Warrior of this competition though!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "Another forgettable and uninspired song, weak vocals. 2/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Malta, for me this is the better one of the warriors. The verses are a bit dull but I like the chorus. It sounds quite modern. I think with this song a lot will depend on the way she will perform live."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "Malta don’t always receive the recognition they deserve in the ESC, but each year listening to the Maltese entry is enjoyable. This year is no different; a pretty decent song which comes up with something interesting. Solid, well written. 4.5/10."

So there you have the views of the panel - do you agree? Leave us a comment and let us know! :D


On the home strait now lads, and we turn to the FYR Macedonia to review their song for ESC 2015.  It's another mid-tempo effort, Daniel Kajmakoski sings "Autumn Leaves".  Daniel lives in Vienna, which is handy, and was named after me Daniel Popovic, who some of you may remember entered ESC for Yugoslavia in 1983 with the toe-tappingly catchy "Dzuuuuuli" :)

Here's the tune:

What do the panel have to say about this one?:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "I like this, let‘s see how this ends up on stage."

Hasse Skoldebjer: "No no no no 1/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "FYR Macedonia, a nice song & a nice voice, wish they would have kept the first version, and I preferred it being in Macedonian."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "This is OK; it has some good bits but I don’t think it will do brilliantly. Hook in the chorus reminiscent of that in “Only Teardrops” - Denmark’s winning entry in 2013. Unfortunately for Macedonia, Denmark’s entry was far superior. 2/10."

So as seems to be the pattern, mixed reviews from us - but what do YOU think? Leave us a comment and let us know! :D

Friday, 15 May 2015


It seems that every year there is a National Final in Europe that makes all the Euroanoraks like me that are watching sit up and say "WTF, did that actually just happen?"...  Last year in the Irish National Final, Dame Linda Martin showed us that she was a right potty mouth when she had a stand up row with a member of the audience that was criticising Louis Walshs' place on the panel, and she introduced a worldwide internet audience to the word "Gobshoite"...

This years' jaw-dropper came courtesy of the German national final when Andreas Kummert, who won the national final with 78% of the televotes, decided on stage that actually, he didn't want to go to Eurovision thanks for asking (and spending cash on televoting), and instead gave his ticket to Vienna to Ann-Sophie, who *had* come second with the song "Black Smoke".

I prefer Black Smoke to Andreas' pub-rock effort anyway, have a look and a listen to it here:

Check out the views of the panel below:

Asta Bjornsdottir: "I quite like the song but her voice.... she has a lot of it but, ach don‘t like this style how she places her voice in her throat."

Hasse Skoldebjer: "Anonymous song, average singer and her shoes are mega ugly. 2/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Germany, even though I have a lot of sympathy for her because of how she was elected at the NF I don't like this entry. The song is quite boring and lacks a nice hook & her voice is really screamy especially in the chorus. Not impressed."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "Decent, well-written simple tune with a good hook in the chorus. Interesting piano riff. Good arrangement, nice vocal harmonies. Pretty powerful performance. I should have thought this would do well. 6/10."

Mixed views from the panel then, do be sure to let us know what you think - leave us a comment :D


I normally love Greek entries, full as they are of Greek Tragedy or lots of Ethnic beats that you can throw some shapes to!  However this year's Greek Eurosong is a bit forgettable for me. Maria Elena Kyriakou sings "One Last Breath", a ballad that is more limp than dramatic to these ears, but don't listen to me, listen to the song here!:

I wonder what the Euro Bureau panel have to say about this one?:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "„I‘m becking you – take me... I really am having a hard time trying to understand her but, she has a big voice. I´m not always into her vocal technique. Big song – big voice, beautiful girl (pleace don‘t wear that black dress it‘s too similar Netherland‘s dress) this could do good."

Hasse Skoldebjer: "Booooooring, mediocre singer. 2/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Greece, there are a few parts in the melody of this song that I like but overall it's just very very dull. She has a very good voice though but I doubt if this will stand apart from all the other ballads."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "Kudos to the singer for being able to hold what must be the most difficult melodic line so far (and I’ve nearly heard all the songs now). The complexity of the tune makes it instantly forgettable. Note to composers everywhere #1: if you want your songs to be catchy, you have to be able to sing along to them. She’s putting in a lot of effort, but the glissando, key change and percussion entry smacks of last year’s absolutely brilliant winning entry. Note to composers everywhere #2: aping the reigning champions will do you no favours. We can see through it. There is only one Conchita. 0.5/10."

There is indeed only one Conchita! So that's the view of the panel - why not leave us a comment and tell us what you think? :)


Hungary have done pretty well in the past few years at ESC, and have qualified for the final every year since 2011.  In fact they have been improving on their performance in the final year on year, and came fifth last year.  Hoping to go even further than that is Boggie (someone should have told her) with the song "Wars for nothing", which is a sentiment most can agree with.

It's a gentle song, veeeeeeeery gentle in fact and even the video takes about half an hour to get going - just witness:

What do the Euro Bureau panel make of it?:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "Very low key, simple and lovely song. Goose bumps and all.. I really hope they can bring that on stage. Like it a lot !!"

Hasse Skoldebjer:  "Mediocre, 4/10."

Annemieke Kelleter:  "The melody, her voice and the way this song progresses are quite nice, but boy oh boy oh Danny boy those lyrics, they must be some of the worst ever in Eurovision and I just can't seem to get past them. So all in all, very annoying."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "The official video spends a minute doing … what? Nothing! I imagine that this exposition won’t happen in the live version, but really, I’m bored already (I’m a man - 1 minute attention span!). Unfortunately, the piece didn’t do enough to redeem itself. Another minute in, nothing interesting has happened. Minute #3 - ah! some nice harmonies! Too little too late. 0.5/10."

Well, Asta likes it at least!! But what do YOU think? Leave us a comment and let us know! :D

Thursday, 14 May 2015


Romania is the "-ia" country that you always think are due a win at Eurovision!  They always qualify for the final, and have troubled the upper echelons of the scoreboard on several occasions.  So are they going to pull it off this year?

Well, no, not really.  I mean they are sure to qualify from their semi final, but to me the song is a bit too much like a bland Westlife album track from 2002.  Surely Eurovision is a bit more up to date than that? ;)  The song is  "De la Capat/All Over Again" by the group Voltaj, and you can watch the video here:

So what have the panel got to say about Romania?  Let find out!:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "Did he actually sing in english at some point?? Hmmm, didn‘t realise that until second or third listen. But I like this, it is ok, let‘s see if the staging will bring the wow."

Hasse Skoldebjer: "I like it, wish it was in Romanian though. 6/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Romania, love the melody and the atmosphere of this song. Would have preferred it if they had kept it in Romanian completely as somehow that seems to suit the song better, but still I like it a lot!"

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "One of my favourites so far - really, really like it. Good vocal performance, simple but pretty melody, nice arrangement, good message. I hope this gets into the top 5. 6.5/10."

So it's pretty much a thumbs up from the panel, but what do YOU think? Leave us a comment and let us know! :)


After a public selection last year that saw Twin Twin represent France at Eurovision with a song called "Moustache" (as good as it sounds), France Televisions has decided that they would do a BBC and choose the song and performer themselves thank you, and have chosen Lisa Angell to "defendre les couleurs de la France".

Lisa has released three albums in France, and is an experienced live performer.  Her song "N'oubliez Pas" is a big chanson of a ballad, and is classy - perhaps too classy to grab your attention over three minutes?  Have a look and a listen below:

Here's the view of the Euro Bureau panel:

Asta Bjornsdottir: "Brilliant singer, lovely song. Hope it does well. Still I´m not head over heels......."

Hasse Skoldebjer: "Dull as dishwater, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 0/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Soooo... France, I love this song, not as much as in the beginning but still, she has a wonderful voice, the lyrics are breathtaking and the build-up of the song is beautiful. The only thing that worries me is that it won't stand out enough to do well, and it should do well imo."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "The song has good intentions, and a little more successful than some of France’s previous entries, but it seems a little overly grandiose to me, a little too worthy, and not successful enough to let it do well, unless the Eurovision crowd get behind the intentions of the song and support it. 2/10."

So mixed opinions here, although not looking like Lisa will end the French drought of Eurovision Success - they've not won since 1977!! What do YOU think though? Leave a comment and let us know! :D


Returning to the contest after taking a break last year, Serbia has returned with a big singer with an even bigger voice, and in the interests of full disclosure, I have to say that I bloody love it!! :)

Bojana Stamenov sings "Beauty Never Lies", the first Serbian entry in English - gasp! - and written by the writer of their winner from a few years back, Vladimir Graic, and the not-so-Serbian-sounding Charlie Mason, and it starts off as a ballad but then becomes a disco-belter and Bojana gives is some attitude with her "finally I can say, yes I'm different and it's OK" lyric.  To me, this song takes on the spirit of Conchita's win, and turns it into a perfect 3 minute diva-fest!!!

Ahem, but see what you think, here it is:

Well let's see if the panel agree with me, or if they have a different view!:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "Started watching the video and decided that she was a really good singer but the video didn´t do anything so I looked for a live performance and found the live performance and in serbian. Like it a lot like that!! She‘s a major singer!!! And she makes the song good !!!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "Ok song, great singer 6/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Quite like it. Love the sound of her voice and the song is just a nice feel good song. Don't know if this will qualify as it sounds a bit dated and it's very ''Eurovisiony"."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "Mediocre. I had high hopes for this but I don’t think it quite meets expectations. It may receive a number of votes due to the admirable message of the lyrics. 1.5/10."

Well, you can all stay! Although I will be having words with Adam and Charlotte, LOL!! So here's what The Euro Bureau reckons, what do YOU think? Leave us a comment to let us know! :D


Albania are always one of the first countries to select their song for Eurovision, and chose Elhaida Dani to sing the song "Diell" over a two day national final on 26 and 27 December last year.  And that, you would think, would be that.

Except it wasn't.  The songwriters of Diell decided that they didn't want their song to go to Eurovision after all thanks very much, which left Elhaida without a song until "I'm Alive" came along!  It's such a shame, as "Diell" really showed of Elhaida's vocals (she won the Voice in Italy) whereas to me, "I'm Alive" pales in comparison.  Have a look and listen of it here:

Let's check out the views of our esteemed panel:

Asta Bjorndottir:  "Brilliant singer but the song isn‘t doing much for me... Not yet at least and in Eurovision there needs to be that instant attraction. Let‘s wait and see how this will look and sound on stage."

Hasse Skoldebjer: "Ai ai ai....this song does nothing for me. 3/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "She really has a good voice but this song is just screamy and boring imo. Still miss the song she originally qualified with... A LOT!"

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "One of Albania’s better entries. Not strong enough to hold its own in the competition. Not a winner, but a contender. 4/10."

So it looks like Albania missed a trick in ditching Diell! But what do YOU think? Leave a comment to let us know! :D


Estonia are one of the more successful Baltic countries at Eurovision and have this year plumped for an edgy cool pop duet that many fans think will be up there and in with a chance of victory at this year's contest.

"Goodbye to Yesterday" tells the story of the morning after the night before, and is performed by Stig Rasta and Elina Born.  They have both tried to represent Estonia before as solo artists but finally both got the gig this year, and I have to say, I do like it!  It's cool, yet has a hint of darkness about it that is very endearing...  Have a look and listen to it here:

Let's see what the EB panel make of Estonia:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "I saw this a couple of weeks ago on Ruv in the esc program but I had totally forgotten it. Somehow the song, the lyrics and the video clash in a way that it just doesn´t fit. Light and happy music but dark video and the lyrics somewhere inbetween... Nahh, doesn´t do a thing for me."

Hasse Skoldebjer: "Boring, I don't get the hype 3/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Estonia, didn't like this at all when I first heard it but now it's somewhere just outside of my top 10. However I do believe this could do really well, it's a modern song with a nice chorus. A lot will depend on their live performance & the staging."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "There’s a few things right with it, but far more wrong, I’m afraid. Cracking brass section and other instrumental accompaniment, but the vocal style doesn’t seem to fit. Should have had a Chris Isaak figure to fully realise the style. 1/10."

So that panel are flying in the face of fandom and don't rate "Goodbye to Yesterday", but what do YOU think? Leave us a comment and let us know! :)

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Last year Montenegro qualified for the Eurovision final with a Big Balkan Ballad, and in accordance with the motto "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", have decided to go to ESC this year with, um, another Big Balkan Ballad!  And this year they have gone to the King of the Big Balkan Ballad, Zeljko Joksimovic to write da tune.

And you get what it says on the tin - there is only one song in this style in the contest this year, and I would say that Knez is a shoe in with "Adio", its the sort of song that will do well and hoover up points from the Balkans and beyond!  Have a look and a listen here:

What's the reaction of the Euro Bureau Panel?  Let's find out:

Asta Bjornsdottir: "First listen; like this – like his voice – nice harmony from the backers. Simple – strong – nice !!!! Like it!!!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "I know we've heard many songs like this over the years but I always like them. 7/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "When I first heard it I thought it was really dull, but this has grown on me a lot. It's a very subtle song and he has a beautiful voice."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "We like the violin and bouzouki duet at the start. Shame that it moved so quickly into something more ‘pop’. I think it jumps around too much for the discerning Eurovision viewer, but musically it is quite clever. 2.5/10"

So a generally positive view from the panel, but what do you reckon to Montenegro's effort? Leave us a comment and let us know! :)


Well, here's one that's got a lot of fans in a lather, with many proclaiming that it could win the whole contest!

Slovenia this year is represented by a duo comprising of singer Marjetka Vovk (her with the comedy headphones on her ears) and DJ Raay, who have merged to form Maraaya.  It's a contemporary sounding tune, the sort of thing you can imagine Paloma Faith doing maybe, although without the nasally tone to her voice that Marjetka displays...  Have a look and a listen here:

So what do the Euro Bureau Panel reckon to this one?::

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "I´ve heard this one before somewhere... Don‘t like her voice and the song is somewhat of a mess.... And the more I listen the less I like her voice and the song!!! Can‘t even listen to the end without cringing ...."

Hasse Skoldebjer: "I totally don't get why this is so popular a mediocre song and her voice is SO annoying 4/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Love this entry! It's retro modern, well sung and has a great vibe. Just please please please lose the headphones!"

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "There’s lots to like about this track, but maybe there’s a bit too much going on. Amongst the busy-ness you can hear a strong melody with a great hook (which sounds familiar, but I can’t place it), a good rhythm track and string section. I wish this piece well in the competition. 4/10."

So a bit of a mixed bag of opinions from the panel - but what do YOU think? Why not leave a comment to let us know? :)


So last years' host nation returns to Eurovision with a slice of 60s pastiche pop, and its another "sounds like something else" moment.  The guys are called Anti Social Media, and ASM, I've got McBusted on the phone here for you - they want their song back! ASM even sing "Its All About You" towards the end of the song! ;)

But it's fun and catchy and sure does stand out in a crowd of balladzzz...  Have a look and a listen here:

Lets see what our panel of music fans and experts think:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "That thing you do - wannabe, just doesn‘t come close. There‘s nothing about this that I like !!!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "I like this, cute singer. Like the 60's vibe. 7/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Bad unimaginative dull version of a Beach Boys song. Done before, done WAY better."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "It’s nice to hear an upbeat, 60s revival piece amongst all the moodiness of some of the other entries. Could do well. 5.5/10."

So a mixed review for Denmark from the EB panel - but what do YOU think? Leave us a comment and let us know! :)

Monday, 11 May 2015


I am always in awe of Sweden.  Their National Final, Melodifestivalen, is a six-week long TV show with semi-finals and a big final all performed in sell-out arenas.  The Melodifestivalen Final is held in a massive arena with a live crowd of 13,000 in the hall!  I doubt even that many watched the red button reveal of the UK entry...

Anyway, back to the Swedes, and just like they rewarded Sanna Nielsen with the ticket to Eurovision after 7 attempts, this year the rather yummy Mans Zelmerlow gets to Eurovision on his third attempt.

And a very current number it is too, it is extremely reminiscent of anything that David Guetta is having hits with all over the world (and some have pointed out it maybe a bit too similar to "Lovers on the Sun"!) and in the Melodifestivalen featured a very impressive projection show.  Have a listen to the song below, and then read the comments of our panel:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "When I saw this live at MGP I fell totally flat in love with the song and the staging. It was magical. The official video is a lyrics video like so many are publishing today and I still love this. It will be exiting to see how they will stage it in Vienna. One of my favorites this year!!!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "Like it a lot but it lacks something 8/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Have a bit of a love hate relationship with this song. It's well written and he's a really great singer but I'm missing something to make it really special, and the 'r's in the first verse annoy the heck out of me."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "Why is Sweden using a pedal steel guitar? Love that - it’s completely random! Sweden normally knocks out some absolute blinders for Eurovision, but unfortunately this isn’t one of them. The chorus is quite catchy. It’ll make it to the finals, but where will it place? 3.5/10."

So not the ringing endorsement that a lot of fans and the bookies are giving it, but we still have high hopes for Sverige! But what do YOU think? Leave us a comment and let us know! :D


Poor Latvia.  They've gone from winning the contest just two years after they debuted, in 2002, to scarcely qualifying for the final these days.  In fact the last time that Latvia made the final was in 2008 with a group bounding around with Jolly Roger flags as Pirates were all they could be...!

So no pressure on Aminata then, with her song "Love Injected".  This is an odd one for me, even now after hearing it about 38 times, sometimes I love it, and sometimes I just want to make it stop!  Have a look and listen below:

Here are the views of our esteemed panel:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  " First listen; starts strange and then there‘s a lot of noise. I can‘t hear a lot of melody in this one. This is a strange one, very forced singing, don‘t like it!"

Hasse Skoldebjer:"I quite like this one, sounds different compared too most of the other songs 6/10"

Annemieke Kelleter: "Very intriguing song. I actually prefer the live version of this one, it's a bit more exciting. She's a good singer and it's a modern song bit it doubt this will do very well."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "Brave, but too brave for Eurovision? There’s no denying that this lady can sing. There are lots of things I like about this song, as a composition, as a piece of production, but it doesn’t quite hold together as a crowd pleaser for Eurovision. 3.5/10."

Well it certainly made the pop panel listen!! But what do you think? Why not let us know by commenting below? ;)


We turn to one of the Eurovision "extremities" and visit the most Westerly country to take part - Iceland!  Iceland have had a good record in the ESC in the last few years and have qualified from the semi finals every year since 2008.  Hoping to continue that run of success this year is a young singer called Maria Ólafsdóttir with her song "Unbroken".

It's a mid-tempo sing-a-long number, that sees Maria waft around barefoot (in the Icelandic National Final at least), but it is a shade too bland for me.  Have a look and a listen and see what you think!:
So what do our panel of music experts and fans think?:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "As per usual I won‘t judge the song from Iceland. I will say though that the video really doesn´t say anything about the precentation because the dancers have been sacked and there will be 5 backing singers on stage instead, so I‘ll be waiting to see how this comes out on stage."

Hasse Skoldebjer: "Nice but nothing special. 4/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Iceland, another one I tend to forget. Nice... and that's it. Nice girl, nice voice, nice melody. Mediocrity at it's best."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "Nice but bland. Nothing special, although it is nice to hear a track that isn’t full of gimmicks. 3/10."

So looks like Iceland will have their work cut out in qualifying to the final this year, if our panel have any say in the matter! But what do you think? Let us know by commenting below! :D