Thursday, 16 April 2015

Eurovision!!! Vienna!!! Glitter and Glamour!! Excitement!!!

The exciting news is that the EBU has approved my press accreditation for the contest in Vienna, so I will definitely be able to bring you the latest news and gossip from the Eurovision in May - yippee!!

The Euro Bureau blog will be brought to you in conjunction with the "Eurovision Debate" Facebook group - I'm an admin there, and it is the best place on the internet to hang out and chat Eurovision, if I do say so myself!  There's over 3,600 Eurofans there that are just waiting to meet you! :)

So, plans for the blog?  I'll be reviewing the songs for this years' contest, starting shortly, and will employ a crack team of eurovision fans music experts to help me with this!  I'll bring you all the news about the show ahead of the contest in Vienna, and I'm hoping to stalk meet Electro Velvet, the UK act (well I am a Brit!) ahead of the contest.

I'll focus on what makes the contest the fabulous event that it is, with a weekly "Fan Focus", when I get down and dirty (ooer!) with another uber-fan like me, and find out a bit more about them...

I'll also link to other content that features in the "Eurovision Debate" group, such as playlists of contest and competitions that are taking place, results of fan votes, and I'll highlight any exciting debate that is going on there to encourage you to join in yourself!

There will be plenty more too, I am very aware that I am lucky to be accredited, and I will certainly do my best to make full use of my press pass and bring you all the news and gossip you want!

Now then, I'm off to buy a massive inflatable Israeli hammer.... ;)
Dan x

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