Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Vienna Countdown Review - AUSTRALIA!!!

Well the EBU really surprised us all earlier this year when they announced that Australia would be participating as a full entrant in the 60th Eurovision Song Contest, with a direct pass to the Final on the Saturday night.  Officially, Australia's participation is still being described as a "one-off", although if the Aussies go and win the thing, they will be back to defend their victory next year too.

And win the thing, they might!  While some Eurofans were expecting the Aussies to send an old-fashioned boom-bang-a-ding-a-dong style tune to the contest, they have confounded us all by sending one of their biggest stars with a song that is the soul-funk little brother of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson - fair play to them!

The singer is Guy Sebastian, and the song "Tonight Again" goes quite a lot like this:

Here's what the Euro Bureau Panel have to say about Australia:

Asta Bjornsdottir: "Sorry, but why are they in this competition??? But I like the song. It‘s a feel-good uptempo thing and I really hope he can sing live. This could do just fine."

Hasse Skoldebjer: " I think this or Italy will win. I love it, great modern song and a great singer. 9/10"

Annemieke Kelleter: "Australia! I looooooove this song. It's my number one up tempo song. Imo it would be very good for the contest if this won in the sense that it's so contemporary and after two years of typical ESC songs winning it might be good if a song that wouldn't look 'odd' in the normal charts would win. What I especially like about the song is that it oozes fun, joy and love for making music. The live performances I've seen were very very good and (okay okay this has nothing to do with the song whatsoever) in interviews he seems like such a down to earth sweet guy just wanting to make music. I love that attitude and it shimmers through in his performances. And, last but not least... Australia participating next year? I sure wouldn't mind if they send artists and songs of this quality!"

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "Is this the greatest ever debut Eurovision entry? The vocal delivery is excellent in this Ronson-esque soul-revival stomp. The piece is polished, well-produced with strong brass lines and a great build-up in the pre-chorus. I only hope the live version is as good as this. On the negative side, the limitations of the 3-min Eurovision format don't do this piece justice. The brass parts could be even more developed, with a longer, stronger instrumental section. Dare I say it ... is this piece too good for Eurovision? 7/10"

So, the EB Panel have spoken!! But what do YOU think? Why not leave us a comment and let us know! :)

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