Saturday, 16 May 2015


Gawd love Malta, they *really* want to win Eurovision someday, and they've come close on a few occasions.  They have a national final that lasts for *hours* (some of it isn't even adverts!), but I fear that 2015 is not their year...

This year, Amber sings "Warrior" for Malta, the second song with that title.  Georgia are fuming.  Although to me this is not as good as Georgia's effort, but have a look and a listen here:

I wonder what the EB panel have to say about this one...?:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "I didn‘t hear a melody until the chorus but, sorry..... I don‘t like this song. This is the better Warrior of this competition though!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "Another forgettable and uninspired song, weak vocals. 2/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Malta, for me this is the better one of the warriors. The verses are a bit dull but I like the chorus. It sounds quite modern. I think with this song a lot will depend on the way she will perform live."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "Malta don’t always receive the recognition they deserve in the ESC, but each year listening to the Maltese entry is enjoyable. This year is no different; a pretty decent song which comes up with something interesting. Solid, well written. 4.5/10."

So there you have the views of the panel - do you agree? Leave us a comment and let us know! :D

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