Monday, 11 May 2015


One of the Euro-"newbies", Georgia are one of the countries that tend to qualify to the final on Saturday night, so what are they sending this year?

Well, it's time for the first of this years' songs called "Warrior"!  In a year when more than ever it would be rather lovely for Europe to come together in peace and harmony, *two* countries are sending songs called "Warrior" to the contest, so don't mess with them, ok?

Nina Sublati's song for Georgia has pounding percussion and you can picture skin and hair flying in all directions while she performs this one - I am expecting whips and chains, but that might just be me!  Here it is for your eyes and ears!:

I wonder what the EB panel think of this one....:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "Oh, my. A whole lot of noise!!! This just hurts my ears, even after I lowered the volume!!!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "I like this a lot, powerful and dramatic. I know we've heard this before bvut I don't care. 8/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Not too keen on this one. Somehow it sounds unfinished and her voice is very 'screamy'. Not completely uninteresting but like I said before, it sounds like it was very quickly put together (which is actually the truth haha since she said she wrote it in 5 minutes)."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "I really like this, but wish they were braver. I wanted a giagantic dubstep drop in the middle. I’m looking forward to the Skrillex Remix. 5/10."

So there are mixed views here in EB Towers on Georgia, but why not tell us what you think? Let us know in a comment! :D

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