Saturday, 9 May 2015

Countdown to Vienna - ITALY!!

Italy returned to Eurovision in 2011 after a loooooooooong break from the contest, and I have to make a full and frank disclosure here, I have bloody loved everything that they have sent to ESC since then!  From the jazzy big band effort in 2011 to the edgy pop of 2014, they have oozed style and class with some top tunes, and, to my mind have been threatening to win over the last four years.

And they might just go all the way this year.  Being frank and upfront again, to me this is the best song in it.  Three good looking lads, with powerful voices delivering a faultess and dramatic popera ballad.  It builds and builds and just seems so authentic coming from Italy.  It is both a fan and bookie favourite, and while there have been some comments about how France was favourite before the 2011 contest with a similar style of song, I have zero worries that Il Volo will have an on-stage meltdown like the French singer that year did.

Anyway, I am clearly very much on board with Italy this year, fancy a listen?:

So what do our panel of music fans think?:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "I love this. Lovely melody, good voices. I‘m maybe not a sucker for popera, but sometimes..... I really hope this will do good !!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "LOOOOOOOVE it, three handsome Italian guys belting out a powerful ballad in Italian, what's not to like? 10/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Italy, don't like this at all, for me it's been there, done that, done better. The song is a bit old fashioned imo. Seems to be a fan fave & I suppose the juries will the this so it will probably do well."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "Il Divo meets Lionel Richie & Patrick Swayze. Sounds great: 3 Italian tenors singing wonderfully with a strong orchestral backing. However, aren’t these days over for this sort of outfit? Hasn’t the Cowell-music-machine ruined the market? This will either do really well, or it will flop. 5/10."

So overall the panel agree with me that Italy are one to watch - but do YOU? Please leave us a comment and say what you think! :)

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