Tuesday, 12 May 2015


So last years' host nation returns to Eurovision with a slice of 60s pastiche pop, and its another "sounds like something else" moment.  The guys are called Anti Social Media, and ASM, I've got McBusted on the phone here for you - they want their song back! ASM even sing "Its All About You" towards the end of the song! ;)

But it's fun and catchy and sure does stand out in a crowd of balladzzz...  Have a look and a listen here:

Lets see what our panel of music fans and experts think:

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "That thing you do - wannabe, just doesn‘t come close. There‘s nothing about this that I like !!!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "I like this, cute singer. Like the 60's vibe. 7/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "Bad unimaginative dull version of a Beach Boys song. Done before, done WAY better."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "It’s nice to hear an upbeat, 60s revival piece amongst all the moodiness of some of the other entries. Could do well. 5.5/10."

So a mixed review for Denmark from the EB panel - but what do YOU think? Leave us a comment and let us know! :)

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