Saturday, 16 May 2015


Here we go then...  Yes, the time is upon us to consider the offering that the UK is making to ESC 2015.  The BBC issued a very public clarion call to performers and songwriters last autumn asking for submissions to be considered internally.  Back then, in my brain, that meant that all those artists that said in the past they would do ESC if the Beeb ever asked them (Morrisey, Scissor Sisters, Olly Murs) would send the BBC killer tunes.

Probs not as it turned out, as we have "Still in Love with You" by Electro Velvet.  It's a poppy-charlestony kinda number that instantly divided fan opinion when it was revealed to the world, and appears to be a total marmite song - you either love it or hate it.

Given those options, I *love* it!  It's not going to win an Ivor Novello clearly, but it is fun, catchy, and a welcome breath of fresh air in a sea of ballads and misery!  Electro Velvet, I salute you - have a look and listen here:

So, brace yourself, let's see how the panel view the song: 

Asta Bjornsdottir:  "Sorry, can‘t stand the song. They sound like good singers but, there‘s no chemistry, no charm, no-nothing going on between them on stage. (I saw the Graham Norton show) and in fact.... I‘ve said this before; „the person who thought this would be a good song for the UK at eurovision, - should be sacked“!!!"

Hasse Skoldebjer: "the first time I heard this I honestly thought WTF?? It has grown on my slightly since then but I can't say I like it. The UK should be able to come up with something much better than this. 5/10."

Annemieke Kelleter: "UK personally I'm not really fonds of this. She has a nice laid back way of singing and a nice voice but the guy really has no swing whatsoever imo... Also they need to work on their presentation, sometimes it looks a bit fake."

Adam and Charlotte Lane: "As a concept it’s really dated, but not in a good way. It’s in danger of being a farcical Eurovision track, and if anybody else calls this Electro-Swing I think I might scream! Electro-Swing is an exciting, interesting genre. This is a Charleston (and a weak one) with a synth and a drum machine - not the same thing at all. Too simplistic, poor, poor scat, mediocre singing. (Video wasn’t too bad though, although clearly the backing singers also agree that this is a parody of itself). This is less Louis Prima from 1967 and more Scooch from 2007. 0/10."

Well who hired you lot, anyway? ;) So there's the view of the panel - but what do YOU think? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!

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